Jonas 'Change In The Giver': Chapter Summary

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Is a perfect world worth living during slavery or under control? An example of Jonas was changed to be from an Eleven to a Twelve .Also when he started to see them as strings.Are when he began receiving memories of other peoples past lives. Jonas was a kid who didn't know anything . He never knew what were colors nor what an airplane was.Jonas was very intelligent, he had a bright future.Chapter 6 he was at the ceremony of Twelves.He was nervous and scared ! Jonas got chosen to be the new receiver of memories .That's when his challenge finally began.Jonas immediately knows his challenge is not going be easy. When Jonas received his rules were very difficult.Jonas had hours of training .He had pain he couldn't explain, but he couldn't…show more content…
Jonas challenge continued when he had to go through physical and mental pain.Jonas had a hard time keeping his training as a secret . He wanted to tell all his friends and family about it .he started wondering what happen to the previous girl recovers. He started having weird dreams.But he liked them then because they had a certain girl name Fiona in the dreams. They gave him some pills to stop them, but he didn't take them .He developed colors in his eyes ! During Jonas new task he begins to form into a mature young man. Joas evolves into a mature young adult after all the pain .He gets help turning into a man by a man named the Giver . After watching his father releasing a twin baby, Jonas wanted to kill him. Jonas had to man up ,forgive his father and get ready to take up on a big task .Feelings are not a part of his life during training . Jonas thinks his world is really perfect until he realized it's really not . Jonas change in a lot of ways .He had to become mature at a young age.He had a lot of challenges to complete.He had to achieve hard goals in life that he didn't know about. Jonas had to really realize what's real and what's not , he gained a lot of memories . He got memories of things he never heard or knew about , he found out what

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