Jonas: Changing The Community In The Giver

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Imagine a community with no color, no feelings, no choices, no love. In that community there is one boy with all of those things. Jonas sees the world, emotionless, blank. He wants to change it. The community chose Jonas to be the Receiver. The most important assignment in the community. He must receive memories from the current receiver. The chief elder made the decision to make only one person bear the burden of the memories. Everyone thinks the community is perfect, a utopia, but Jonas sees all the flaws .Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the community. Before Jonas became the receiver he was like every other citizen. A deadpan. Except sometimes he saw flashes of color. Jonas had what he thought were friends…show more content…
He didn’t know love or any deep concern of anything. As the book went on Jonas felt love. He felt it for Gabriel, the Giver, Fiona. Before Jonas felt love Jonas thought it was a meaningless and useless word. Like the rest of the community. One memory change that. Jonas saw the Giver’s favorite memory. The memory was about Christmas. It showed love, warmth, and grandparents. At the end of the book Jonas became affectionate. Jonas plans to change the community by releasing memories to the community. When Jonas gets to elsewhere when he escapes the community all his memories will leave him and go to the citizens of his community. The people will be panicked. The Giver will stay in the community to calm the people and help them through it. When Jonas leaves the community he accomplishes going to a place with warmth, love, color. Jonas hopes that by leaving the community he is breaking the tradition of the Giver and the Receiver bearing all the memories. .Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the community. Jonas is a 12 year old boy with no emotions or feelings. He is under sameness and the influence of the community. Jonas is chosen to receive feelings, colors, and emotions from memories. As time goes by Jonas sees the community not as a utopia but a horrible place. Jonas wants to change

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