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In the novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, she creates a dystopian protagonist named Jonas. Jonas is a very selfless person throughout the novel. He is this way due to the fact that he instantly took away the Givers pain without hesitation, he risks his life for the better of the community, and he puts Gabe’s life before his own when he was starving and freezing. Jonas came to training one day and instantly notices The Giver is in horrible pain. The Giver had asks Jonas to go home for the day so he wouldn’t have to see him suffering, but instead of leaving, Jonas stays and asks what he can do to help relieve him of so much pain; he asks him to take away some of the pain and some of the memory. Without hesitation Jonas helps him to his chair and…show more content…
Completely revolted by the actions of his father releasing a baby, he realizes that the people of his community truly don’t have a mind of their own; they don’t know how horrible it is to kill and release people and he wants that to change. He also knew that if he stayed and the people around him didn’t know how horrible the community was he would be miserable. Jonas tells The Giver of is feeling and together they make a plan to release the memories Jonas received to the community. Knowing entirely that this plan he had made was barely possible and if he was caught he would most likely be killed. “Yes,” he told The Giver. “I’ll do it. I think I can do it.”(pg. 155) This shows that Jonas selflessly risked his life so the community could know what it is like to love, feel and make decisions for themselves and not be controlled by the community…show more content…
His constant willingness to help the people around him, like helping The Giver, risking his life for the community, and put Gabriel’s life before his own, shows that without that he would most likely have given up when times got rough but he persevered through that because he knew that the community need it. They needed to know what living really is and he achieves that

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