Jonathan Butler's Struggle Against Racism

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On November 2 2015 Jonathan Butler, an alumnus of Mizzou University, announced his decision to go on a hunger strike until Wolfe( the president of Mizzou) took his concerns, as well as the concerns of activist group Concerned Student 1950, seriously. Butler stated "Students are not able to achieve their full academic potential because of the inequalities and obstacles they face", this is due to race and diversity in the University. There was several incidents that led up to Butler announcing his hunger strike. First, on August 9, 2014 a White Officer fatally killed unarmed African- American Michael Brown. The University did not respond concerning the incident that happened in their state. This raised questions from Black students at the …show more content…

Why has this nation always declared war? America when will you declare war on racism? When will a leader be able to enforce that we are not the lesser people because of our skin color, without him/her being assassinated for taking a stand against what is morally and humanely right? Can we as a country say forget 9/11 get over it already, forget the Boston Bombings can we stop talking about it? The minute we reflect on what our ancestors went through just to be comfortable in this land that we was forced to live in and build, we are told to get over …show more content…

I would like to think that I speak on behalf of students of color at Mizzou when I say that racism is very much alive and thriving not only in the state of Missouri but in this country as a whole. It’s happening to all people of color not just so called African- Americans. I never experience racism at Chicago State, only because the school is in an urban area that is dominantly black. The minority is Hispanic and Caucasian. I feel there are a lot of concerns that can be addressed to the new president to improve the University. As I look at the Mizzou protest, it devastated me to the point that I questioned my school ethics. Although I think racism does not exist, maybe the minority students think so. My concerns with my school, is the education level, the parking, and the stability of the school. When I first attended Chicago State, I was excited. I never attended a university, but my expectation was high. Once I started, I realized the educational level was poor. Although every school is a business and designed to collect revenue. I felt this university did not care as long as they was getting paid. My major is criminal Justice, majority of the classes that is required to get a degree is repetitive. Therefore, I feel that I have paid this institution for classes that I do not need. I think they should change their requirements to make it more diverse. The students will learn and

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