Jonathan Swift's Satirical Work

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In the 1700s, satirical work was a popular form of writing for those to express their opinions (Pullen). Jonathan Swift, poet, politician, and writer, wrote numerous books and novels. Born in Dublin Ireland and often visiting England, Swift wrote a collection of works that showed his disapproval of english politics (“Jonathan Swift” Biography). Many applauded Swift for his courage displayed in his writings, but English politicians were not in approval of his satirical works (Rogers). After growing up in a poor family and working in a political position, Jonathan Swift created many satirical works based upon english politics and his experiences in life (“Jonathan Swift” Biography) Jonathan Swift was born on October 30, 1667, in Dublin Ireland…show more content…
He was also recognized for “attacking the clergy, literary critics, philosophers, and people in power. He loved the individual but despised all nations, professions, and communities” (Gilbertson). Swift’s works also had accounts of attacks on religion, education, journalism, and politics, his writings were mostly described as satire and had several allegories (Pullen). Swift’s first political works were Discourse on the Contests and Rome (“Jonathan Swift” Biography). A Tale of a Tub was another of Swift’s early works, published in 1704, it was written while he was in England (Gilbertson). One of Jonathan Swift’s most recognized writings was Gulliver’s Travels, originally given the title Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts, by Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships (Pullen). He began writing Gulliver’s Travels in 1720, and finished the book in 1725 (Gilbertson). Swift also wrote a collection called The Drapier’s Letters from 1724 until 1735, expressing resistance to English politics, naming Swift as a hero to Irishmen (Pullen). One of Jonathan Swift’s later works included A Modest Pamphlet which he wrote in 1729 (“Jonathan Swift” EBSCO). Throughout Swift’s writing career, many readers believed that something was wrong with Swift mentally, as his writing was very graphic and often included sexual content
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