Jonathan Swift, Poetry, Poet, Politician, And Novels

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In the 1700s, satirical work was a popular form of writing for those to express their opinions (Pullen). Jonathan Swift, poet, politician, and writer, wrote numerous books and novels. Born in Dublin Ireland and often visiting England, Swift wrote a collection of works that showed his disapproval of english politics (“Jonathan Swift” Biography). Many applauded Swift for his courage displayed in his writings, but English politicians were not in approval of his satirical works (Rogers). After growing up in a poor family and working in a political position, Jonathan Swift created many satirical works based upon english politics and his experiences in life (“Jonathan Swift” Biography) Jonathan Swift was born on October 30, 1667, in Dublin Ireland (“Jonathan Swift” Biography; Gilbertson). After being born, Swift was raised by his nurse until the age of three, and then returned to his family. Upon his return home, at only three years old Jonathan Swift was able to spell and read each chapter in the Bible (Gilbertson). Unfortunately, Swift’s father, also named Jonathan Swift, passed away two months prior to his son’s birth, leaving his family to grow up in poor conditions (“Jonathan Swift” Biography; Pullen). Swift also suffered from Meniere’s Disease, an ear disorder that causes symptoms such as spinning (“Jonathan Swift” Biography). Early in his childhood, Swift’s uncle took him under his wing and enrolled him into Kilkenny Grammar School from 1674 to 1682 (“Jonathan Swift”

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