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2.3 Life and Works of Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift, the son of English parents- Jonathan Swift and Abigail Erick was born in Dublin, Ireland on 30th November 1667. Swift’s father came to Ireland to work with his elder brother Godwin but unfortunately, he died of syphilis just seven months before Jonathan Swift’s birth and hence, Abigail Erick was enforced to depend on the financial support of Godwin. His mother went to England leaving him behind alone in the care of his uncle Godwin who looked after his nursing and schooling. At the age of six, Swift was sent to Kilkenny School where he studied for eight years and then went to Trinity College, Dublin for further education in 1682. In his school activities, Swift was an average student and …show more content…

His uncle Godwin died in 1688 making him orphan and helpless. Therefore, Jonathan Swift had no alternatives except to work hard and so he offered himself as a secretary to Sir William Temple, a famous diplomat who was living as a retired person at Moor Park. Then, with the help of Sir William Temple, Jonathan Swift obtained a position the Prebend of Kilroot and later on became a professional clergyman and worked there for two years. In 1696, leaving the job, he came back to Sir William Temple at Moor Park. After Sir William Temple’s death in 1699, Jonathan Swift became the private secretary of Lord Berkley and started to write pamphlets for Whig Party in England. However, he had some conflicts with Whig party regarding Church issues, so he left Whig party and joined Tory Party. Unfortunately, the Tory government fell down from the power in 1714 and being disfavored, Jonathan Swift came back to Dublin, Ireland. During his stay at England, Swift had developed friendships with the world famous literary persons namely Alexander Pope, Mr. Arbuthnot, and Mr. Gay. The final years of Swift’s life were really bad causing him lot of troubles and sufferings. He lost his memory, became deaf and insane and died

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