Jonathan Swift Satire

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Jonathan Swift is one of the greatest satirists among English writers. Satirists are the writers who write to expose the dark side of the society or the problems that appear in society. The purpose of their writing is to make readers view the problems seriously and correct them. However, they are not only criticize the society without any explanation but provide examples that people probably familiar with or happen around their daily life. Gulliver’s travel published by Jonathan Swift in 1726 is one of his most popular satire work. Especially part 4“A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms”, fully reflect human nature through satire. Swift uses comparison between Houyhnhnms and yahoo & Europeans to satire 18th century European society. By comparing the Houyhnhnms with yahoo& Europeans in 18th century, Gulliver finds out yahoo is more like unintelligent, greedy and uncivilized human like beings that are more like Europeans of those people who are evil. On the other hand, Houyhnhnms are view as “the perfection of Nature” with only good traits that are honest, wise, and arrogant and etc.… He gets off an unknown island which is the country of Houyhnhnms. He encounters a yahoo when he first gets on the island, he later meets a Houyhnhnms, which are intelligent horse like beings because he saw Houyhnhnms communicating in a sophisticated matter. He does not think they are only horses, but there’s a person who behind them and teach them in this way. Then he takes to their
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