Jonathan Wayne Nobles Analysis

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The Rehabilitation of Jonathan Wayne Nobles
The friendship of two men, one free from the constraints of alcohol and drugs and another still facing the consequences, torn to pieces by the hands of an injustice punishment, the death penalty. In the essay, “A Death in Texas,” Steve Earle explains, through his friendship and final moments with prisoner Jonathan Wayne Nobles, how the death penalty is not a way to bring justice and how it is a cruel and brutal form of punishment. Throughout the essay, Earle tries to illustrate how Nobles was rehabilitated and undeserving of the punishment he received, which is where many controversies lay. The question is, was Jonathan Wayne Nobles truly rehabilitated? There are many pieces of evidence that can lead one to believe that Nobles was in fact rehabilitated. The evidence that points to the conclusion the Nobles was rehabilitated are: his behavior changes, his supporting cast saw a change in him, and a sincere apology.
A prime example of Nobles’ rehabilitation is in his behavioral transformation, from when he first went to prison to his final moments. At the beginning, Nobles was a constant problem. He would: try to avoid other inmates, escape prison, and even put himself in harm’s hands just so that he would be given a shot to harm the guards. Although, just like how Earle described it, “somewhere along the line,
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From the time he stabbed Kelley Farquhar and Mitzi Nalley and injured Ron Ross, to his final moments, Jonathan Wayne Nobles was not the same man. His Rehabilitation affected not only him, but everyone else around him. One could even consider Nobles a prime example of the power that rehabilitation has on someone. “If Jonathan Wayne Nobles were still around today, he could have taught us how to rehabilitate someone. Although, now we will never
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