Jonathan Whaley Argumentative Essay

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Recently, a named Sgt. Jonathan Whaley preformed a heroic action to reunite a lost animal with its owner. The Alabama officer drove Kai, the lost animal, 770 miles to reunite the animal with its family. The dog’s owner, McKenzie Catron, was killed in a tragic accident, and St. Whaley was the first to arrive as the scene of the accident. The officer learned that a dog was involved, and rescued the animal before bringing him home. “We felt we needed to find the dog,” said Sgt. Whaley. “We were going to do whatever we needed to do to reunite this dog with this family.” Meanwhile, the Carton family lawyer, Benjamin Irwin, was attempting to find the dog by different means. The lawyer offered a $1000 dollar reward for the safe return of Kai. Irwin

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