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Jonathan Zimmerman is saying that while many people believe as technology evolves and advances that it will make education better and better. Students claim there is nothing wrong with being on social media while doing school work is not detrimental to their education but instead claim they are simply, "mutitasking". Students now believe that everything in education can be done easier and more efficient through using their computers and cellular devices. But when it comes down to the facts, studies that have been conducted over and over again have shown that those who claim to be "mutitaskers" preform worse than the average person in just about every skill tested. Other studies show that just by reading something off a computer screen or a phone screen causes you to retain and comprehend less of what you are reading. As new technology comes out people will always say that it will revolutionize education and this dates back all the way to the 1930s and the invention of the radio and now the same is said about computers and smartphones and all the other new…show more content…
All technology is created differently and has different functions, there is a lot of technology that cannot be argued whether it has advanced education. Because there is technology that is in all classrooms today that teachers now would not be able to teach with out. This technology adds a convenience to teaching that makes it more efficient. For example, with a chalk board once you ran out of room that was it, you would then have to spend time to erase the board before continuing with the lesson. But, now with the new technology of Smartboards you never have to worry about running out of space you can just extend the page and keep writing. Or or better yet have all your notes typed out and saved so if you are teaching four of the same classes each class gets the same exact information and neither class is at a

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