Jordan A Dove Analysis

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An original one-act opera by Jordan A. Dove

Plot synopsis: Colin, a 15 year-old high school student, is laying on his bed talking to Dana. They are texting to communicate because they want to keep their conversation private. Dana a 13 , is in her room sitting in a computer chair glued to her phone. The conversation is about how they really want to be together, but Dana’s parents just won’t allow it. Colin, just wants to be her best friend, but Dana is not understanding it. She says Colin is always wanting more, than just a friendship. However, that is not the case. Colin is begging desperately for her to trust him, but she won’t do it. Maybe by the last aria they can work things out or there friendship may be lost forever.
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I promise, I want to be BESTIES.
DANA: Whatever.
COLIN: Please believe me.
DANA: I 'm not saying I don’t but, i 'm not say I am.
COLIN: What do I need to do to prove it to you.
DANA: Just give it time. Your actions will speak louder than your words.
COLIN: I will do my best to do whatever, you are looking for to prove I am being serious
DANA: I guess we will wait and see.
Musical Selection: Queen “You’re My Best Friend”
This song has qualities that show why people are best friends. It has lyrics that are very strong and are what Colin wants Dana to be for him.
(Opens up with Colin and Dana, at youth group at North Trenholm sitting in the gym talking. Colin is hoping to win her over, with just being honest and true with her.)

COLIN: Hey, would you mind if I sing you a little song.
DANA: I kinda would but, I ain’t going to stop you.
Musical Selection: Bill Withers “Lean On Me”
Colin sings this to Dana hoping to give her realize that they are friends. Also hoping convincing her he will always be there for her through thick and thin.

DANA: Awwwww, that 's sweet of you. I guess you weren’t joking.

COLIN: No, I most definitely was not joking.

DANA: I 'm sorry for doubting you and saying you always want
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