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Jordan Ashford would describe herself as determined, outgoing, athletic, artistic and family oriented. Academics are extremely important to Jordan; she has won many awards recognizing her for her grades and achievements, such as her induction into Spanish Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. Setting her goal of having a 4.0 gpa all four years of high school has allowed her to maintain a 3.9 gpa in her past two years of high school. Jordan started sports at the age of four; she did competitive cheerleading for seven years and middle school cheerleading for two years. Following this, she began taking gymnastics lessons and was then asked to join a competitive gymnastics team, which she did for 2 years. She was always excited and ready to learn new things. Out of her three main sports her most favorite sport was basketball. Jordan was not very good in the beginning, but with hard work and the help of her twin sister, Jada, she grew to love the sport and realized there is more to basketball than scoring points. Jordan became a great defensive player.She began playing in third grade for her private school team and for a travel basketball team. She has played basketball for eight years and is on Spain Park High School’s…show more content…
Jordan’s dad is the Chief OBYGN at Princeton Hospital and her mom previously was the Director of Research in the OBGYN department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, however she is currently a Broker with ARC Realty. Jordan comes from a large family and has 6 siblings. Some families are lucky enough to have one set of twins, but her family has two sets! Jordan and her sister are sixteen and their younger twin brothers are four. Unlike most teens, she would much rather hang out with her family than with friends. She is this way because her mother taught her that while friends come and go, family is always there to help in all

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