Jordan Baker's Portrayal Of Female Characters In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald paints a very negative picture of 1920's society and its moral decay. It is a story of a young generation behaving badly and carelessly. Although not often discussed, women are presented in a very negative manner in this novel. The first female character who is portrayed negatively is Myrtle Wilson, she was portrayed as an unfaithful woman in the novel. In addition to the negative portrayal of women in the Great Gatsby is Jordan Baker, who was depicted as an extremely dishonest, careless, and cynical woman. Finally, there is Daisy Buchanan, one of the most badly portrayed female characters by F. Scott Fitzgerald, she was characterized as selfish, unfaithful, and materialistic. The author of the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, paints a very negative picture of the female characters in this novel by given them characteristics that are bad to society. One of the female characters who was portrayed negatively was Myrtle Wilson, she was characterized as an unfaithful, unintelligent, and materialistic woman in the novel. The author of the Great Gatsby gives several negative…show more content…
For instance, Jordan Baker was portrayed badly by F. Scott Fitzgerald because she was given the characteristic of being dishonest, in the novel Jordan is accused of cheating in a professional golf tournament (Fitzgerald). Another way this female character was depicted negatively was the fact that she is characterized as being careless, for instance when she endangers Nick's life with her reckless driving (Fitzgerald). The final negative characteristic given to Jordan Baker she is cynical, because she excuses the horrendous deeds of others in the novel. Thus, supporting the fact that F. Scott Fitzgerald paints an extremely terrible picture of the female characters in the Great
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