Jordan Belfort: The Wolf Of Wall Street

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“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it (Jordan Belfort 148.)” Jordan Belfort was an incredibly successful stockbroker that turned his employees into millionaires. He did all this while consuming way to many drugs and alcohol, lying to the FBI and his customers and sleeping with hookers. The Wolf of Wall Street was a biography written by Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort began his career with a starter job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. He starts his own firm call Stratton Oakmont with his friend/partner Danny Azoff. Jordan and Danny’s business goes through the roof and make their employees millionaires. So what was their motive? Was it for the drugs?…show more content…
His favorite drug was Quaaludes or Lemons 714. A much known part of the book was when Danny gets his hands on some Lemons for Jordan and himself to celebrate; their money was successfully smuggled to Switzerland. Quaaludes were incredibly infrequent because they were three times as powerful as anything available at the time. Jordan takes four Quaaludes and Danny takes at least four because they weren’t working. Jordan gets a call from a character named Bo telling him to call him on a pay phone. Jordan drives his white Ferrari to the Brookeville Country Club. He talked to Bo and they got as far as the FBI had his phones tapped. “After 15 years in storage, the Lemons had developed a delayed fuse (Jordan Belfort 292.)” He could no longer talk he was so high. It took 90 minutes for them to kick in. Jordan knew he needed to get home to make sure nothing confidential was said over the phone. He tried walking to his car but all he could do was crawl. He could hardly do that. He gets to the stairs outside of the country club and rolls down them. He gets to his car and manages to get home without killing himself or anyone else. When he arrives at his mansion, Danny is on the phone with their banker from Switzerland. He wrestles the phone away from Danny saving Stratton Oakmont from being detained. Clearly, Quaaludes and many other drugs played a major role in Jordan Belforts

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