The Breacher Trilogy Analysis

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Jordan Creed is a Canadian author of young adult and science fiction novels best known for The Breacher Trilogy series of novels. He grew up as a homeschooled child and was always reading stories from a very young age. He used to set out his toys and stuffed animals on the floor and gave them distinct characteristics after which he would compose great stories about them. Creed would continue with his love for stories until his early teens when he became more interested in television shows and movies. His passion for writing was inspired by a very intense song by Daft Punk which he was listening to while playing a video game. A very emotional scene appeared to him almost in a vision and he knew that he had to put it down on paper. He set about…show more content…
The system is essentially a colony that has built a suffocating wall, a prison that locks all human beings behind its metal gates. The Colony decides the level and worth of a human and anyone that loses his value loses his life. Life is not any better outside the metal walls of the colony as they ate full of Screechers that prowl the rugged wild lands full of toxic fumes that can kill with just one gulp. But underneath their feet, energy is locked up, energy the ruling Council craves and would do anything and anyone to get hold of it. Both sides of the metal wall are perilous with only the Breachers the only creatures able to survive on either side due to a quirk of nature and biology. Nathan Hardline’s brother has just been earmarked for death by the system and the only way for him to be saved is for Hardline to become a Discard. However, that is not the only thing he has to do, as the Breachers have blasted a hole through the Department Walls. Meanwhile the Council is held up in a secretive meeting which could portend the end of the world for Nathan and his brother. But if he tries to eavesdrop it could be the end of him as the Council takes its secret meetings very
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