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Jordan Harris is an 11th grade student at Stephens Dance Studios, where she has been studying dance for over 12 years. “I'm pretty sure my mom just signed me up when I was little, but I have been dancing ever since,” she recalled.

She began learning ballet and tap around the age of four, and has since learned other styles as well. “I like tap because it is really energetic and upbeat,” she describes. “I like ballet because it is formal and classic.” In her time at Stephens Dance Studios, she has also studied jazz and hip-hop, and she now dances on pointe in ballet. She got her first pair of pointe shoes around the age of 12. Being able to dance on pointe is an exciting achievement for any dancer. As she continues dancing, Jordan looks
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“When you’re really struggling with a dance, you can’t just give up. You have to just keep trying, and eventually you will get it.” She knows how rewarding it feels when she is finally able to nail a particular step or dance that she has been working hard on.

Between dance, volleyball, and basketball, Jordan has been a part of different teams and has learned how to work with others in many situations. “I do think dance has helped me with my team skills,” she explains, “because dance isn’t like a one-person thing, you have to be in sync with the whole group.”

Over the course of the years Jordan has danced, she has developed many other skills including commitment, respect, concentration, and discipline. She shares, “Dance has helped me with my concentration because if you don’t concentrate while you are learning or practicing your dance, you will fall behind everyone.” She also stated, “Dance has absolutely helped me with my memory because you have to memorize all your different dances.”

Jordan also describes dance as a great stress reliever for her. When school stresses her out, dance helps her to take a break and relax. “It is just so different from volleyball and basketball. It’s really relaxing, fun, and exciting at the same

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