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Jordan Harris is an 11th grade student at Stephens Dance Studios, where she has been studying dance for over 12 years. “I'm pretty sure my mom just signed me up when I was little, but I have been dancing ever since,” she recalled. She began learning ballet and tap around the age of four, and has since learned other styles as well. “I like tap because it is really energetic and upbeat,” she describes. “I like ballet because it is formal and classic.” In her time at Stephens Dance Studios, she has also studied jazz and hip-hop, and she now dances on pointe in ballet. She got her first pair of pointe shoes around the age of 12. Being able to dance on pointe is an exciting achievement for any dancer. As she continues dancing, Jordan looks…show more content…
“It gives me a break from school and just everything. I can practice dance anytime anywhere.” She practices dance a few hours a week, depending on her homework and other sports practices. “I try to dance whenever I can,” she explains. “Dancing is fun because you get to listen to music and be with your friends.” The more she dances, the more she loves doing it. Jordan added, “I love to finish learning a new dance; it's like the same feeling as crossing things off your to-do list.” Jordan believes dance has helped her to develop responsibility, time management, and organizational skills. She has learned to juggle school, dance, and other sports. Jordan has found a way to balance it all, “Just making sure I don’t spread myself too thin,” she remarks. Besides dancing, Jordan also plays volleyball and basketball. Dance has been shown to help athletes improve their skills while playing other sports, and Jordan has noticed this in her life as well. “Dance has helped me so much with balance,” she explains. “For example, in volleyball, we have to hop on one foot for like a minute, and while everyone is struggling or tipping over, I’m just chilling, hopping on my foot having a grand ole

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