Jordan's Moment Analysis

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Jordan’s Moment In Habersham’s story “Jordan’s Moment,” he writes about Michael Jordan’s moment during the last finals game against the Utah Jazz. As a player in the National Basketball Association (N.B.A.), Habersham argues that Michael Jordan is the world 's greatest basketball player of all time. As a lifetime fan and player of basketball, I have noticed that Jordan 's style of play is still relevant and deadly in today’s game. People and players look up to Michael as the greatest player. In most people 's opinions, there are several reasons why Michael Jordan is labeled as the world 's greatest basketball player: intelligence, work ethic, and creativity. One Reason Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player is because he is very wise while…show more content…
Another reason Michael is the best basketball player in the N.B.A is because he was a hard working player. Michael was constantly trying to find ways to improve his game he would practice until it was perfect. Michael was working on a signature shot. As the story stated, “...he spent the summer in Hollywood making the movie ‘Space Jam,’ but he demanded that the producers build a basketball court where he could work out every day. Old friends dropping by the Warner lot noticed that he was working particularly hard on a shot that was already a minor part of his repertoire but which he was now making a signature shot––a jumper where he held the ball, and then, at the last minute, when he finally jumped, fell back slightly, giving himself almost perfect separation from the defensive player. ” (Habersham, 362). Michael was constantly working on this shot until he perfected it. Once, he was able to use this move in game five. Additionally, his work ethic gave him the ability to play through sickness. “Jordan had woken up before Game Five violently ill. It seemed impossible that he would play. (Whether it was altitude sickness or food poisoning no one was ever quite sure)”
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