Summary Of Arcadio Buendia

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Chapter 1: • Jose Arcadio Buendia starts trading a gypsy for new innovations in hopes of becoming successful. • The gypsy is named Melquiades • Jose starts to go into the “science” of alchemy and starts to ignore everyone else • Jose had founded the village of Macondo • He tries to find a route to get to other cities, but fails. • He tries to move Macondo, but his wife, Ursula, says nah. • He has two kids, Jose Arcadio and Aureliano • Melquiades is dead • Jose likes ice Chapter 2: • Jose and Ursula are related • She doesn’t want kids, because she’s scared of birth defects • Jose kills a guy after he says that he’s impotent • Jose and Ursula leave their old city • Jose and Aureliano start being scientific together • Jose Arcadio starts sleeping
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