Essay On Secularization

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Labeling a country as a “secular society” is something that’s inherently difficult to do. The problem lies within the word secular, and the meaning of secularization. Since there’s no one way of understanding this concept it poses a problem in the decision of what makes a society secular. In terms of Denmark, I think it’s important to first recognize Casanova’s three theories and understand that secularization is conditional upon a person’s interpretation of the word. I personally believe that secularization is a decline of personal beliefs and practices, and by this definition I would describe Denmark as a secular society. I think ascribing the label of “secular society” to Denmark, and any country for that matter, comes with a lot of difficulty.…show more content…
Therefore, if secularization is the decline of religious beliefs and practices within society, by that definition I would classify Denmark as a secular society. I think for most Americans it’d be simple to say that Denmark couldn’t be classified as a secular society because it lacks the distinct separation between church and state that is embedded into the American context of secularization. However, I personally believe that in Denmark the distinction is more on an individual level rather than a societal level. I think the guest lecturer’s point about religion in Denmark being viewed in more of a traditional manner rather than based on value is a great example of that individual distinction. So the fact that Demark does have a state church, the church doesn’t actually govern individuals’ values or principles, but instead only seems to only exist in their life due to tradition. Therefore this depiction of a more passive church role seems to fit my understanding of secularization being a decline in belief and practices in society. Thus effectively proving that Denmark is a secular
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