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Jose Marti is one of many poets who is looked upon in Cuba to this day. Marti’s love for writing and for his country helped Cuba escape from the grasp of Spain through his poems and writings while he was living in New York City. Jose Marti was born on January 28, 1853 in the capital of Cuba which is Havana. Growing up Marti was very poor; his parents were Spanish immigrants and did not have much to offer to their family other than the necessities. As a very young boy, he always had the passion for the arts, at first, he discovered his artistic abilities through painting but he later started to focus on poetry and writing. When he was around the age of fifteen years old Marti started to become more aware of what was happening with Cuba and started to use his political ideology in his writings. At the age of sixteen years old, Marti published a newspaper about his feelings and thoughts for Spain through a poem called Abdala, which talks…show more content…
He felt that America wouldn’t be completely free if Cuba was still under the grasps of the Spanish. He wanted the Cuban natives to fight for their freedom and for the respect that they deserved. Marti despised the thought of Cuba being attained by the goodwill of a country that did not deserve it. He came up with the solution that the independence from Spain and the separation of all Spanish rule was the only salvation Cuba had and the only action that could help achieve independence was through war. In Jaime Suchlicki’s journal article he mentioned that Marti wrote in Newspaper Article as such follows “ And the duty of the Cubans is to follow the more popular and historic solution, the more unavoidable and natural solution: The War of Independence” meaning that as Cubans natives, their job is to ensure their freedom through war, that although sometimes war is not the solution, the only way Spain would give Cuba its respect was through violence and
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