Jose Menendez: Somebody Killed My Father

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“Somebody killed my parents!”: the words that would begin one of America’s most recognized, historical, and notorious murder cases. A case that would bring death, imprisonment, and captivate millions of Americans. A case that proves to us that not only should one never judge a book by it’s cover, but also that sometimes even the most powerful are brought to justice. To many outsiders, Jose Menendez proved to be hard-working, civil, and a devoted husband and father. His wife, Kitty, was viewed by public eyes to be just as perfect of a spouse and parent as Jose. Sophisticated and caring. Their two sons, Lyle and Erik, appeared to represent the average wealthy family. Always involved in athletic activities, intellectually gifted, and exceedingly…show more content…
His father excelled in soccer, making him one of Cuba’s finest players. His mother had been elected to be on Cuba’s Sporting Hall of Fame for her exceptional swimming performances (Poindexter). In the year 1960, at age 16, Jose was moved to the United States by his father. After fleeing from Fidel Castro’s rule, the Menendez family lost any wealth they had righteously earned (Menendez Brothers). Not having financial stability, Jose Menendez was forced to live in the attic of the Pennsylvania home of his cousin (Johnson and Soble). In 1962, two years after the move, Jose was granted an athletic scholarship and was able to attend Southern Illinois University. It was there he met Mary Louise Andersen, known to her friends as ‘Kitty’. Almost instantly, there seemed to be attraction between both of them despite the slight age gap. However, the two college students did have their differences. Kitty did not have as privileged of a childhood as Jose did. Instead of being raised around a wealthy, loving family, Kitty was born into an underprivileged family with an abusive father. She was finally able to leave her past behind her when she was accepted into Southern Illinois University. Only a year after meeting, Jose proposed to Kitty, despite his family believing he was too young, being only 19 and Kitty being 21. Jose withdrew himself from the university and they both eloped in New York City; it was there Jose began attending Queens College, while Kitty began part-time work at a nearby elementary school. In 1968, on January 10, their first son Joseph Lyle Menendez was born. A year later in 1969, after graduating with an accounting major, Jose, Kitty, and new baby Lyle, moved to Princeton, New Jersey; here Jose found a good paying job at an accounting firm called Coopers and Lybrand. During this same year on November 27, Kitty gave birth to their second baby boy, Erik

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