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Dr. Jose Rizal was a qualified and licensed doctor who has a different sides of personality, a creative writer, artist, sculpt, painter, an activist, journalist, a poet who done his meaningful and expressive writing, and a very smart man who knows 23 languages. Rizal studied and finished medicine ophthalmology because of his mother whose eyes are becoming blind. He was an amazing and incredible man who proved that without a gun or sword we can fight and defend for our freedom against the abuse, slavery and despotism from the Spaniards. The purpose of this writing is to inspire every reader by sharing the story of a person who was willing die for his country’s freedom and rights. Dr. Rizal was the Philippine national hero, according to (Victoria, 2006) Rizal was also known as the first non-violent modern political leader in Asia, he wanted the Filipino people will have the right to lead their own country. I chose to write the story of Rizal’s life because he inspired Filipino people by his intelligence, braveness and love for his…show more content…
Francisco Mercado the father of Dr. Rizal was educated with a degree of Latin and Philosophy. During childhood with his family, they are living in a peaceful place near, Mount Makiling, with beautiful lake, green plants and trees. This beautiful place in Calamba inspired him to write his first poem “Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo” (Memory of my town) at the age of 3 years old. Teodora Alonzo Realonda was his first teacher she gave him knowledge about alphabets, prayers and how to read the Spanish bible and that time she saw how his son developed his knowledge and skills in poetry. He concentrated on reading writing, arithmetic and religion on his early education in Laguna. By the help of his first and second private teachers he started to develop his formal

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