Jose Rizal's Analysis

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“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, these were the words said by the National Filipino Hero Jose Rizal. During his lifetime, he was devoted to the belief that what would make a country prosper are its own children. His beliefs may have been caused by the great show of bravery and courage in the Filipino youth of his time. He believed that the future will be better sooner or later. But has he expected too much? Decades have pass since his time and we can say that the Philippines has improved but to what extent? Yes, children of the past have indeed grown up and become great people in our country. As the years go by, a new generation of Filipinos has emerged. Sadly, with time comes change. More and more Filipinos tend to do what is best for them rather than what is best for the whole country. Such is the future for our country. Still, many Filipinos have their high hopes in the young Filipino people. They believe that our country will soon be saved from this ignorant society.…show more content…
Now, what is the ideal behavior of a Filipino to another Filipino, to his town and to the Philippines? We go back to Rizal’s impression on the Filipino Youth. He believes that they are the hope of our country. But why did Rizal put his faith in the hands of the Filipino youth? It is because Rizal might have seen that there is a potential in the Filipino youth to do great things. He saw that during his lifetime which is not entirely present today. But what is an ideal Filipino youth? An ideal Filipino youth is one who cares not just for the sake of his/her self and other people around him/her but also for the country. He/she knows what is right and applies it to the society. He/she has wisdom and not intelligence. He/she has the courage and bravery to stand up and fight for what He/she believes in. He/she is not ignorant of his/her surroundings and becomes active in social and political

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