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Josef Albers dedicated his entire career to exploring the proposition that the most important element in painting is color. In 1963, while residing at Yale University, he wrote a life-changing book titled The Interaction of Color, which covered all of his immense discoveries about the way colors interacted with each other. The Interaction of Color includes detailed lessons, experiments and graphics explaining how certain colors neutralize other colors, how light affects hue, and how what he called the “normal human eye” was not able to grasp certain color phenomena due to the limitations of its perceptual capabilities. For instance, if you put the same color of blue next to a bright light, and the same color of blue next to a dark light,…show more content…
Not only does it represent the color of earth, wood, stone, wholesomeness, and more, at the time, everything I loved was brown, including chocolate, caramel, and The Viper, my favorite roller coaster at the time. According to BournCreative, “brown is believed to help create a wholesome feeling, a connection with the earth, and a sense of orderliness and convention. Brown is a stable and grounded color that is believed to help you feel like you fit in and belong”. However, as time went on, my current favorite color is the color blue. Not only does it represent trust and wisdom, it also displays beauty. Scientifically, it reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order. We certainly feel a sense of calmness if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue, cloudless sky. This immediately became my favorite color when I visited “The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace”. One of the most beautiful malls in the country, the mall’s centerpiece has a soaring, barrel-vaulted ceiling of sheetrock and plaster paint with a faux sky finish, tying together the facility 's "street market" atmosphere. Per the mall 's original design, the ceiling 's painted clouds and blue sky brighten throughout the day and dim to a soft glow in the evenings, simulating the time of day. It reflects a deep blue, with purple, and beautiful clouds. When I first laid eyes on the beautiful ceiling, I fell in love with the color blue, and it’s been my favorite color

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