Josef Mengele Experiments

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Josef Mengele was infamous for killing hundreds of twins along with people with irregularities. He was nicknamed the angel of death because on occasion unexpected people would be chosen for his devious experiments. With his specially chosen specimens he performed horrid experiments even after their death. Though Josef Mengele did some terrible experiments he is a very important part of history and helps better understand the holocaust. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 in Gunzburg, Bavaria. Mengele was the eldest child of Kara and Walburga Mengele. Karl Mengele was a rich business owner of a farm machine company out of Germany. In school young Josef got good grades and was a really popular kid. When he got out of school he attended the University of Munich, where in 1935 graduated with a PhD in physical anthropology. Mengele, years later went to the institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene in Frankfurt, where he became the assistant for Dr. Otmar von Verschuer. Dr. Otmar von Verschuer was just fascinated with twins, so from then on so was Mengele. While in Frankfurt he earned his second doctorate in medicine. Mengele had two doctorates in medicine and physical anthropology when he joined the Nazi party in…show more content…
“The other SS who helped unload the transports had been given special instructions to find twins, dwarfs, giants, or anyone else with a unique hereditary trait like a club foot or Heterochromia (each eye a different color)” (Rosenberg 1). Heterochromia was another big study for Mengele because of how Mengele wanted to find a way to birth Aryan children with blond hair and blue eyes. So when a twin specimen died, he would take the eyes and sent them to his colleague, Karin Magnussen, a KWI researcher of eye pigmentation. Another way to try to fabricate blue eyes, Mengele would inject or drop different types of chemicals into specimens eyes in order to achieve a result that satisfied
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