Josef Mengele Accomplishments

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Born on March 16, 1911 was the most fearful man anyone would have to face at Auschwitz. Most say that he belonged in the atmosphere of Auschwitz, always sharply dressed and with a quaint smile. Mengele was no doubt the most enthusiastic doctor on the job, and was often known to take duties for other doctors that thought the tasks were too morbid. Mengele performed some of the most gruesome experiments ever known, and easily became the most dangerous man at Auschwitz.
Josef Mengele didn’t always have the reputation that he grew up to have, though. When he was in school, he kept up with good grades and was popular amongst the kids. He succeeded at anything he put his mind to, so naturally, he went to college (Stockton). When he earned his first
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At Auschwitz, Mengele managed an infirmary where the sick were executed (Stockton). Mengele was often known for his responsibility in the selection duty. When they would get a new shipment, the prisoners were sectioned into men and women lines (Selection). Then the SS doctors would divide them between the left and the right side. One side had people that were fit for work at the camp and over the age of 14 (Selection). The other side contained those who were not fit for work and were immediately sent to the gas chambers. This often included the elderly, children under the age of 14, and women. The Jews that were fit for work would continue on with registration (Selection). First, they would undress and get tattooed with their registration number. Next, they would get shaved of all body hair, disinfected, and taken to the showers, which were either extremely cold or unbearably hot (Selection). Once registration was complete, they would receive their striped pajamas, hat, and wooden clogs (Selection). Mengele was so enthused about this work that he would often take other doctor’s shifts when they didn’t want to do it (Selection). Hence the nickname, “Angel of Death” or “White

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