Josef Mengele Research Paper

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Josef Mengele
Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as the “Angel of Death”, created a horror for all the captive Jews that became his test subjects. Although Mengele had started his life quite typically, it ended quite abnormally. He was a strange man that did terrible things. Josef Mengele lived a normal childhood. Josef Mengele was born March 16th, 1911 in Gunzburg, Germany. He was the eldest son of Karl Mengele. His father was the founder of a company that produced farm machinery. As he got older, he studied philosophy at the University of Munich in 1935. Two years later in 1937, he received his medical degree at Frankfurt am Main. Then in 1940, he was drafted into the army and worked in the medical service. Josef had lived an average childhood, but didn’t always live an average life. Josef Mengele had worked with many people during his lifetime. Throughout his career, he became known as “Angel of Death”, or “Todesengel”, which is German for the angel of death. He started off by getting an education and became an assistants to people such as Dr. Otmar Von Verschuer. When
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Mengele had made a strange career and had to work with many people to make such living. During the Holocaust, many different experiments were conducted. Mengele was the chief doctor at Birkenau and decided who would live or die. He searched for twins out of the thousands of people. Usually, he tended to choose Jewish or Roma (Gypsy) children. He often collected eyes, tissue samples, and body parts. Before he started any experiments, he would take pictures from head to toe. He would have them sit, stand, and kneel. He even looked at hair patterns. Since the kids were given injections, it was hard to survive. If one of the twins died, the other was executed. He would give them one shot of chloroform to the heart Maybe mention this is how they died?. Afterward, they studied their organs and made prisoners do

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