Josef Mengele Essay Outline

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The year was 1939 in Nazi Germany, and Hitler had officially taken control. Hitler had succeeded in convincing the German people that the Jews were to blame for the loss of World War One. The first genocide of the 1900’s had begun, and Dr. Josef Mengele wanted a part in the action. In the town of Günzburg, Germany Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 (Museum). Mengele associated himself with the Catholic religion (Weber 111). All who knew Mengele described him as highly intelligent and full of great ambition (Jewish Virtural Library). Mengele went on in 1935 to earn his Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Munich. After earning his degree Mengele became the assistant to Dr. Otmar Von Verschuer in January of 1937. Dr. Verschuer was highly known for his work with twins, and this is where Mengele found his fascination for twins. Mengele went on to earn his medical degree in 1937 (Museum). In 1938 Mengele wanted a part of the Nazi action and joined the SS. The SS or Schutzstaffel was responsible for population policy and settlement, identification of ethnicity, security, and intelligence collection and analysis. In June of 1940 Mengele was drafted into the Army, and he volunteered for medical service. Within the same year Mengele began working in the Race and Settlement main office as a medical…show more content…
The family of performers consisted of seven dwarfs. When the Ovitz’s arrived SS Guards spotted them and went to inform Dr. Mengele. When Mengele saw them he immediately took them away. Mengele forced the Ovitz’s to stay with his other test subjects, but he gave them their own toilet facilities, this led them to believe they were safe. The horrors soon began with D. Mengele drawing blood until they blacked out, and this became an almost everyday occurrence. Dr. Mengele would also pour boiling water down their ears only to freeze it. All of the Ovitz’s survived (The Torture of the Seven Dwarfs of
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