Josef Mengele: The Angel Of Death

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The Demented Doctor “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we’re doing it.” said Josef Mengele. He knew his own wrong doings all too well. This seemed to be the hard cold truth to every soul that was taken by the “Angel of Death”. This Angel of Death was cruel and horrible in every way imaginable. The poor souls of these prisoners were so brainwashed that they began to see him as a father. No matter how he was seen by the victims, Dr. Mengele was a sick person that performed many experiments, some minor and some extremely detrimental. The Angel of Death entered the world in 1911, He was the oldest of three brothers (Krakowski 971). In 1935, he received his Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology at the University of Munich. He became the assistant of Dr. Otmar Von Verschuer; another scientist interested in twins; in 1937. In this year he joined the Nazi Regime. Following his “membership” he received his medical degree and joined the SS. Mengele was drafted into the army soon. Then he assisted medics in the field. He returned to Germany in 1943 to work for his former mentor at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics. He then became an SS Captain in April of 1943. This resulted in his transfer to Auschwitz. Mengele was just one of many physicians at Auschwitz, his leader was Dr. Eduard Wirths. Wirth’s position made him in charge of all medical matters in the whole camp complex. Mengele only started as the medical officer

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