Josef Mengele: The Angel Of Death

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Josef Mengele was a Nazi SS doctor notorious for his gruesome experiments conducted on Jewish and Roma inmates, including those involving twins in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland. Before WW2, Josef Mengele was an assistant to a well-known researcher, Dr. Otmar von Verschuer, who studied twins. When the war started, Mengele relocated to Auschwitz where he had access to an unlimited supply of twins and the authority to maim and kill subjects without consequence (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Initially, Josef Mengele was not necessarily feared by children he experimented on. He was often known to appear with pockets full of candy and chocolates, to pat them on the head, to talk with them, and sometimes even to play with the kids(Rosenberg). This was how Mengele tricked them and manipulated the naive and innocent children into the deadly experiments. Many of the children, especially the younger ones, called him "Uncle Mengele" while the older children were not so easily deceived by his actions, knowing that the same “kind” doctor could and would send them to their deaths without hesitation. In Auschwitz Mengele was known as “The Angel of Death” for his cold and cruel demeanor (Rosenberg). “The Angel of Death” was an extremely suitable name for Josef Mengele, not only because he was the bringer of death but because his very being is described in the name; seemingly gentle and kind on the outside but rotten to the core inside. The medical staff in concentration camps

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