Josef Mengele's Inhumane Experiments

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According to "", eleven million people were killed during the Holocaust included in that number about one million children were killed. There is a common misconception that the people who died in the concentration camps died of the gas chambers, but a portion of the eleven million were also experimented on. These experiments were especially gruesome because the SS doctors had the ability to kill and maim their test subjects. A plethora of these doctors would have their own special area of study, one Nazi doctor named Carl Clauberg worked with infertility and artificial children. The worst of the evil SS doctors is believed to be Josef Mengele, this man conducted experiments on children and although he used methods of calming to make the children feel more comfortable, he did not care if they lived or died. Josef Mengele was a monstrous man, during his reign of terror at Auschwitz he conducted inhumane experiments, he executed people with indifference, and when the war finished Mengele evaded his pursuers for thirty-four years. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 as the eldest son to Karl and Walburga Mengele, Karl Mengele became prosperous from manufacturing farming supplies. Mengele attended the University of Munich and received his Ph.D in physical anthropology, two years later Mengele became the assistant of Dr. Otmar Von Verschuer. At the time,…show more content…
While serving on the eastern front Mengele was seriously wounded and was deemed unfit for frontline combat, once Mengele recovered he returned to Germany and briefly worked at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute under the direction of his former mentor Dr. Otmar Von Verschuer. This continued until April of 1943 when he received a promotion to SS captain and was transferred to
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