Josef Mengele Thesis

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Josef Mengele Josef Mengele was one of the most callous, sadistic men during the Holocaust. Imagine being sewn together with your twin in order to create Siamese twins: just to please a man. That is what Josef Mengele did to two Gypsy twins located in the camp he was working in. It is important to know about Josef Mengele and what he did to the victims of the Holocaust so no one desires to do brutal things again.
Josef Mengele was involved in the mass annihilation during the Holocaust. He wrote in his diary: “It would have been different if I have lived with good families. Would it have been different to have lived with people who were educated themselves, and it would have been different if they would have taken care of me” (“Secret Diaries”
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Towards the end of World War II when Josef Mengele realized he was a wanted by the Soviets, he started by running away. Before he headed to South America, Mengele broke away from United States custody because they didn’t know he was a wanted criminal. Then, his family bought a former Nazi to help him escape to South America. First, Josef Mengele fled to Argentina but when Adolf Eichmann was found, Josef decided it wasn’t safe there. Next, he traveled and stayed in the landlocked country Paraguay. Finally, Josef decided to settle in a small city in Brazil: São Paulo. Josef Mengele had false papers. People believe that Josef Mengele had died from a stroke while he was swimming on a vacation, resulting him to drown. He was buried under the name “Wolfgang Gerhard”; when investigators figured this out, they buried him under his real name. Till his very burial, Josef Mengele was a stealthy man. Josef Mengele had a great impact, negatively, on the lives of Jews and Gypsies throughout the Holocaust. His experiments ended many lives along with the “selections” he had to make at the railroad unloading stations. Josef’s family was a major factor in both his decisions while entering the Holocaust, and trying to escape from the Americans and Soviets; it could be assumed due to his dark upbringing as a child, Josef made decisions regarding people’s destination that many others could never comprehend or every would be willing to make sure
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