Short Summary Of Como Agua Para Chocolate

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Josefita “tita” De La Garza – the youngest daughter of Mama Elena. A good and obedient lady who eats everything prepared at the table. The one who loves Pedro and Pedro loves.
The narrator – daughter of Esperanza who is the daughter of Rosaura and Pedro.
Mama Elena – mother of Rosaura, Gerthrudis and Tita who is very controlling and strict especially to Tita; A woman who likely follow family traditions.
Rosaura De La Garza – the oldest of Mama Elena’s daughter who hated the kitchen; very picky on foods; the one who eventually married Pedro.
Gertrudis De La Garza – the second daughter of Mama Elena who became a general in the revolutionary and who sooner marries Juan and had born a child that is a mulatto.
Nacha – De La Garza’s cook who is half -deaf; the one
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Don Pascual – the very supportive father of Pedro who reminded him of his promised love to Tita and accompanied him in asking Tita’s hand for marriage.
Nicolas- the one who was asked by Tita to deliver clothes to her sister Gertrudis; the manager of the ranch.
Nancha’s brother – the one who had been asked by Tita to deliver her letter to Pedro.
Pulque – a ranch dog who became a witness of Tita and Pedro’s love for each other.
Tequila – the father of Pulques, the ranch dog.
Paquita Lobo – De La Garza’s neighbor who thinks that Tita was drunk at the party and who thought that Tita was pregnant.
Head groom – the man who is in-charge to deliver invitations of Rosaura and Pedro’s wedding.
Chinaman – a crafty fellow who dealt with smuggled goods.
De La Garza’s neighbor – are those who attended the wedding of Pedro and Rosaura.
Rebel forces and Federal troops – are those that were engaged in the fierce battle.
Father Ignacio – the parish priest who told Mama Elena that her daughter, Gertrudis, was working in a brothel in a
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