Joseph Amida Alternate Ending Essay

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Joseph Amida lay upon the ground, his black hair blowing gently in the wind. His multicolored eyes displayed utmost peace and tranquility. He lazily wore a kimono, so that half of his well toned chest was displayed. His skin was of a pale color, and his face would drive women mad. He stood at a rather tall height of 6"3 ', and unconsciously gave off the feeling that anything near him would be cut into non-existence. He lay in a grand forest, with trees that seemed to climb into the heavens themselves.

"It is very peaceful on this planet, nothing is here to disturb my familiars training." He glanced to the left, and saw his 4 familiars diligently training in a mock battle. The first was a beautiful red phoenix, which gave off a feeling of immense
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It was beautiful, and gave off a regal yet domineering presence, fit for an emperor. It 's hilt was made out of a beautiful gold, which seemed to shine as bright as the stars themselves. In the pommel was a single gem, a dazzling blue amethyst which seemed to be made of pure water. The blade was made of an unknown metal, but it gave off the feeling that it could cut through anything. The sheathe depicted a women of unmatched beauty, arms outstretched with water overflowing from her hands. He drew the sword, and took a deep breathe.

He slowly got into a stance, and held his sword firmly. The stance was the pinnacle of perfection, not a single weakness to be seen. This was the stance he had perfected once he had made it to the pinnacle of the sword. This was the result of his entire life, an unmatched sword style that could rule the heavens. He gave off a domineering aura, which made his familiars freeze in combat.

He made a single slash, for that was all it took. One single perfect slash that had ended all of his battles. For a moment the world seemed to freeze, the universe seemed to halt to witness the utter perfection of which was just displayed. Uncountable tree 's were sliced perfectly in half, not a single one had escaped the perfect slash, for nothing

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