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Joseph Brant was born in Northeastern Ontario of March 1742. His native name was Thayendanegea. Brant had one sibling named Mary Degonwadont (Molly Brant). His dad’s and mom’s name are Peter Tehonwaghkwangeraghka and Margaret. Brant got his education at Moor's Indian Charity school in Connecticut. Brant left school and planned to found a mission at Oneida Village of Oquaga. Joseph Brant was a great leader and statesman. He had fought for the British also he was the colonial leader. He even had a job his was an interpreter at a fort and I think he was working for his sister's boyfriend/husband. Brant was married at least three times also, he had about four children. Actually Joseph and his son was argueing then they got into a some kind of

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