Individual Speech At Nazi Germany In The 1930's

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Individual Speech
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R. R. Martin

Imagine a world without books. We would probably be 200 years behind, and nothing that is around us today would’ve developed yet. People would not have their own opinion, and would only follow and repeat what the rest of the society says. History has proven this. Take a look at Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Books used to be burned all the time, and the reason for this so that no one would have their own opinion, no one would share their thoughts, but instead watch all the Nazi rallies and Hitler’s propaganda speeches, and repeat everything that was said and consider it your own opinion. As Joseph Brodsky, one of my favourite Russian poets once stated “The surest defense against evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking” – all of this comes from nothing else but books. “A mind needs books as a sword needs
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For example, ‘The castle’ by Franz Kafka. In the book, the protagonist only known as ‘K’ arrives in a village and struggles to access the mysterious authorities who govern the village from a castle. In my opinion, the writer developed the theological problem of human and God. The castle is the inverse image of heaven, and the kingdom of God, and the village is earth. The main character arrives to the village (he is born) and stays in there forever to find the way to the castle (to find the way to God). The novel doesn’t have a classic ending, development, or a culmination like the rest of the novels do. It divides into different parts, which show different steps of the main character’s life. The novel really introduces the ideas of modernism and existentialism. It really introduced me to the world of surrealism, including art, literature, and cinema. I became more interested in Salvador Dali’s works, watched movies by David Lynch, and started reading Albert

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