The Hero's Journey By Joseph Campbell

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When you hear the term “Hero”, you often imagine a person with a cape flying across town, a person with superpowers fighting unusual looking monsters to help keep your community safe. As a child or even at an older age, you’re asked about one person that you admire. You may look up to that particular person because of the journey they have decided to take. You follow in their footsteps, because they’ve showed you who they were, who they wanted to become, and who they became. I never considered myself a hero, but Joseph Campbell would have said otherwise. After reading Campbell’s concept “The Hero’s Journey”, I have realized that everyone is indeed a hero. Throughout this whole reading, I will talk about two important occurrences in my life,…show more content…
That call can be our own need to do stuff because some situations in our life forces us to do it. We don’t ever choose our own call to adventure, it’s literally given to us without us asking. As I mentioned above, my parents weren’t fortunate enough to go to school and get educated. They moved to America so that we could be given that opportunity to go to school and have a better life. I never really took school seriously, I never even dreamt of being a college student, I wasn’t motivated. That was until, I saw that my parents were struggling financially and then filed for a divorce. Every time things got hard, both my mom and dad would tell me to “Focus, take school serious so that you can be successful and help us in the future”. Those words were my call to adventure. That was my motivation, that made me graduate high school and enroll myself at College of Saint Elizabeth. I decided to attend college because I knew that, that would make my parents happy. I knew that furthering my education would mean a lot to them, not only because they didn’t get the chance to do so, but because that was the main reason to why they had moved to the U.S. Another reason to why I decided to go on this adventure to college, is because I have younger siblings who look up to me, I always tell them to focus, work hard, and to keep their eyes on the prize. They dream of a healthy future, it would be a slap for them if I…show more content…
One event in my life that has had a huge impact in my life, was meeting Joshua. Joshua is my friend, boyfriend but most importantly, my hero. I look up to him for many different reasons. Joshua comes from a family who isn’t well financially stable, his 9 year old little brother is suffering from leukemia for the third time, his older brother is locked up in jail, he’s been in situation where people have told him he wasn’t going to be anything and that he wasn’t going to make it big. He doesn’t have the same support that others such as, myself have. Yet, he’s still sitting here as a first generation college student, it doesn’t get any bigger and better than that. Through all the negativity in his life he keeps pushing for success. When he feels like giving up, he doesn’t. College has brought a lot of stress to him, but he doesn’t let that discourage him, he uses all of his problems back at home, as an empowerment. He’s my hero, because when I talk about giving up, he’s always there to keep me pushing. In fact, he’s the one pushing me to finish up this essay right now. There’s been times where I actually broke down and doubted myself, I didn’t believe in myself. I wanted to drop out at one point, because I felt like I didn’t belong. Of course, there was always that deep, caring voice behind my ear telling me to “stop talking like
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