Joseph Coleman's Death Research Paper

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On a late Tuesday night in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Joseph Coleman, better known by his stage name Lil JoJo, was shot and killed while riding his bike. He was pronounced dead a little while later at the nearest hospital. Many believed that his death was caused by his ongoing “beef” with another rapper who goes by the name Chief Keef. The reason for the speculations is because hours after Coleman’s death , Chief Keef posted on the social media website Twitter , “Its Sad Cuz That Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.” Keef claims that his Twitter was hacked on that day. However, there are tracks full of lyrics that diss each other and music videos of the two rappers holding guns and sending death threats at one another. Before Coleman’s death, Chief Keef and Lil JoJo…show more content…
Some people listen to music to relax the mind and soul, some do it just for the rhythm of the beat but others take a more deeper meaning to music. When song artists display to the world violent and dangerous lyrics, some people take the song lyrics too literal. It can make them do crazy things. Social media is a big contributor to many crimes amongst our youth today. Many teens all around the world commit suicide as a result of cyberbullying over the internet. People can also take movies too seriously at times. It can make them reenact scenes out of violent and horror movies. One important form of media that every parent should be concerned about is the type of video games that allow their children to play. The content of the games say eighteen and over for a reason. Kids all around the world are minors that play games that are Rated M for mature. Violent games can corrupt the minds of young men and women. There are many forms of media in our world today. It affects people in different ways. Although everyone doesn’t react the same way to media, many have negative reactions to it. Crime is heavily influenced by media in our
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