Joseph Corne Research Paper

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Pension Raise (1912-1913) On May 11, 1912, Charles Lorne is set to receive an increase in the pension payments that he receives. The United States Congress has approved a raise in pension for civil war veterans who served 90 days or more. For Charles to get this raise, he must fill out another application showing proof of his date of birth. As he has done so many times before, he fills out the forms. But this time there is a problem. This is the first time the government is requiring a birth record. From the beginning of his filling out pension applications, he has falsely claimed to have been born under the name of Charles Lorne. He had signed an affidavit that he only changed his name to Joseph Kello because he was under the legal age to join the army. Now he realizes that he is in a predicament. Proof of his birth either from the civil records or the church records will show that he was born with the name Joseph Kello. He sends in the application without a proof of birth.* (L141) *This author has never found a birth…show more content…
That he is unable to furnish any public, church, or family record of his birth. That he was about 10 years old when his father died. That his mother had died about 1869 or 1870, while he was in military service in the regular army in Texas. That he had two sisters, both younger than he. That, as for as he knew, because his mother’s death, the family broke up. His sisters were scattered and that, as for as he knows, no family record of his birth was ever kept by his parents. That no record of his birth exists. That he has ascertained to the fact that both of his sisters have died, leaving him the sole survivor of his father’s family. That neither of his sisters could give him any information as to his age. That the only means he has in knowing his age is the information given to him by his father and mother, when he was living at home. That he never saw his mother again after
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