Joseph Ellis Founding Brothers Analysis

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‘’He did not think of his course of action as suicidal, but as another gallant gamble of the sort he was accustomed to winning’’ (87). Reading the book Founding Brothers advanced my comprehension of creating a country, and how important it is to work together. In order for someone to understand what lesson Joseph Ellis was trying to teach, one must first come to an understanding of these five short stories. The first story to understand is called the duel. The duel is one of the most historical conflicts in history. The duel actually came to be from years of personal and political battle, between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. This chapter if full of betrayal and a start to a new country. “Eventually, the United States might develop into a nation of laws and established institutions capable of surviving corrupt or incompetent public official. But it was not there…show more content…
I think that section is important and can relate to the United States history and polices class for many reasons. One reason is the tension and different political views between the two parties.Thats why long delegations are in order when creating a country. “Thanks to the efforts of Jefferson and Madison, the ongoing debate would have a decidedly southern accent. In some vaguely general fashion, they understood this, regarding the construction of the District of Columbia on the Potomac as a statement of Virginia’s enduring influence over the federal government’’ (200). This can also relate to class in the way that Jefferson and Madison couldn't have gone into this one minded, they needed a understanding of other views and how they can get there point
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