Joseph Haydn Accomplishments

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Franz Joseph Haydn was a classical music composer,who was also referred to as “The father of Symphonies, during of course the classical music period. The classical music period was from 1750-1820. Haydn was born on March 31st in 1732. Haydn was the second child of the family. His mother 's name was Maria Haydn,she was a cook for the lord 's and his father name was Mathias Haydn, he was a wheelwright. In his early years,Haydn quickly discovered he had rare musical talents. Haydn 's cousin who was the head of a choir as well as a school principal took him in and trained him when he was only six years old. By the time he was eight, he was recruited to sing in the St.Stephen 's Cathedral in Vienna. As well as being recruited into sing in the…show more content…
He started writing more pieces for the public as well as the family. He had composed some pretty big pieces in which were from abroad, such as pieces like the Symphonies from Paris and The seven last words of Christ. Soon after the newest Esterhazy family fired Haydn, he started to feel lonely because he was missing his friends, so he quickly accepted the invitation to write and play/conduct peices in England. While in England, Tons and tons of viewers and fellow ‘fans’ attended his concerts. From about 1768 to 1774, that was kind of a time period for Haydn to mature and write more pieces as a composer. During that time frame,he wrote the music from The Stabat Mater to Missa Sancti Nicolai. He wrote a lot of operas during this period which of course made him much more popular. Some of the pieces from this period of his life include string quartets of Opus 20 and the farewell…show more content…
The next 15 years played a big role in making Haydn more famous. In 1775, Haydn composed and played his first Oratorio, for the Society Of Musicians in Vienna, called ‘II Ritorno Di Tobia’. Nine years later, Haydn revised Tobia for another Viennese performance, within the revision he add more pieces to it and cut some of the dacapo structures out of it. Haydn 's personal home life did not related to one another. Haydn 's wife (Maria Ann Keller) in which he married in 1760, didn 't understand or like his musical works. Maria showed no interest in it. Haydn had affairs on his wife with other women, but he had an affair with Luigia Polzelli for years. Pozelli was a soprano in the prince 's
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