Joseph Lancaster's Childhood The Industrial Revolution

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During Lancaster’s childhood the industrial revolution occurred. In the course the 18th century, people move away from agriculture societies and into cramp industrialize cities. Many people lived in poverty in slums. Illiterate, crime and disease ran rapidly throughout major cities. During this era is education was not the focus, often children worked long hours in harsh environments. Children from wealthy background were often educated but children from poorer families were educated at home or a Sunday school. However, soon people realize the need for educating the masses. Laws and regulations began to control child labor and develop public education.

“The influence a master has over scholars is very great; the veneration wherewith they regard his is almost equal to idolatry, and that simply but his conduct in his station; so much so, that they are all his willing servants, and doubly proud to be his ambassadors on trivial occasions: his smiles are precious, and even bitter things are sweeter, when bestowed by his hand. (Lancaster, 1806)”
Joseph Lancaster develop a practical, cheap, and effective way to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic to a large population of students at once. Lancaster developed a system of monitors, pupils that have already learned the
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He designed an organized method that taught the unprivileged youths the basic skills to be successful in life. Lancaster theory is still often use in classroom all of the world, a strong student teaches a weaker student. This strategy is effective method to teacher students some skills. However, I believe that an educator needs to be more present in the classroom guiding and asking questions of pupils. A teacher has more responsible to their students than to hand out assignment, rewards, and punishments. A teacher must guide and help student interpret the world around
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