Joseph Lister: How Science Has Changed The World

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Science has changed our perspective of the world in many different ways throughout many different time periods. Medicine has advanced so much throughout the past decades. Joseph Lister in the late 1800s introduced new aseptic methods. His introduction of sterile medicine has saved many lives and lessened the chance of patients getting an infection called ward fever.

Joseph was born April 5, 1827 in Essex, England. He died February 10, 1912 in Walmer, England. During his life he has studied many things and has made discoveries that has studied many things and has made discoveries that has helped many people. When Lister was a child he studied fish and small animals. While he was growing up he went to University College London, England to study medicine. He then graduated and began his surgical career in 1852 Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1860 he
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He got the 1902 Copley Medal. The medal is given by the Royal Society for outstanding achievements in science. The medal is the most prestigious scientific award in the UK. He also got 1894 Albert Medal for saving lives of others. In the 1880 he got the Royal Medal for important contributions to the advancement of natural knowledge.

Some famous scientists working in the same time was Thomas Edison and Charles Darwin. Edison was inventing record players and reinventing the light bulb. Darwin was studying evolution. Also during this time sanitation was introduced in more depth.

What led to Lister’s interest in sanitation is that he noticed many people were getting infections after surgeries. He started washing his hands more and noticed that he wasn’t getting as sick. In present day medicine sanitation is a major thing. Patients have gained very little infections after surgeries.

Joseph Lister contributed a major advancement in the science community. His research has a big role in modern medicine. His advancement has saved many patients lives since his

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