Joseph Mccarthyism: The Cause Of Mccarthyism And The Cold War

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Imagine one day you were called by the government and accused of committing a crime you did not commit and the only way you could prove your innocent was to accuse your friends and family of committing the crime too or else you would go to jail or lose their jobs. Any normal person would be enraged by it and it may seem like that could never happen however this occurred in 1950s in united states known as McCarthyism or the red scare. McCarthyism is one of the most well-known event in the American history if not the the most well-known as it ruined many hard working peoples lives. This event started in 1950 however there were many tensions and the reasons that led up to this like the previous world war and countries trying to best each other. The origins of McCarthyism is complicated however the root of it is fear and anxiety within the Republican Party and what kept the red scare or the mccarthyism going was the shocks around the world the hiss trials, the fall of china and he korean war. There were many people who feared communism was gonna spread in united states between 1940s and 1950s after the world war ii and Joseph Mccarthy republican senator from Wisconsin spend five years trying to expose communist parties that were in the united states government and in the midst of the cold war. Two superpower were going head to head, United States vs Soviet Union representing democrats vs communism. The cold war was all about Commuinsm vs United democrats because of all this

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