The Rise Of Mccarthyism

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Imagine one day you were called by the government and accused of committing a crime you did not commit and the only way you could prove your innocent was to accuse your friends and family of committing the crime too or else you would go to jail or lose their jobs. Any normal person would be enraged by it and it may seem like that could never happen however this occurred in 1950s in united states known as McCarthyism or the red scare. McCarthyism is one of the most well-known event in the American history if not the the most well-known as it ruined many hard working peoples lives. This event started in 1950 however there were many tensions and the reasons that led up to this like the previous world war and countries trying to best each other.…show more content…
While mccarthyism was on the rise citizens of United states were in fear and fearing it cause a public panic president Harry S. Truman got involved too in order to get rid of communism and he established a federal loyalty security program on March 21 1947 which was basically set up a loyalty check for federal workers If there were any reasonable ground on why people suspected that the colleagues they were working with was a communist supporter they would be fired from their jobs. There was a loyalty review board that was set up to deal with employees appel. The next month as Joseph Mccarthy claimed there were 205 communist there was no proof so many government worker including president Dwight Eisenhower disagreed and were not supportive of Joseph Mccarthy tactics. The rise of McCarthyism really started when Joseph Mccarthy became in charge of the Government operations which allowed Joseph Mccarthy to run even more expensive investigations than before which led to many citizens lives be ruined as loyalty review board many were found guilty for unreasonable reasons. The influence of mccarthyism was so wide spread out that even hollywood workers, actors and actress were accused of being favourable about mccarthyism. On october October 1947, more than 40 people from the movie industry was called upon HUAC (House Un-American Activities) Committee on suspicion of holding communist loyalties or being involved in with communist parties or in favor of soviet union. During the trails , members of HUAC asked the witnesses various question about their associations with the Communist Party whether it be present or past many actors knowing that if they did not answer how the committee and the people could that could ruin their reputations and careers, most
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