Joseph Munchy's Argument Analysis

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“Discrimination on the basis of age is an outrage and a violation our civil rights!” (Source 3) There’s many reasons to refuse service to someone whether it's for not dressing to their specifications, for practicing a different religion, or if that person is a non-paying customer. There have also been cases where people have been banned based on stereotypes or generalizations. In this case, Joseph Jones’ has banned teenagers from his restaurant, Munchy’s, because he believes that their rowdy behavior is the cause of his restaurant losing money and less adults eating there. I don’t believe this fair for teenagers to be banned for a stereotype that doesn’t apply to all of them. To begin with, adults, mostly business people, can be loud and obnoxious as well. In Source 3, the writer expresses, “Business people are ALWAYS on their cellphones, having loud conversations themselves!!!” This proves that stereotypes put on teenagers can be true for others. The article also explains that when the writer had gone to eat at Munchy’s, the business people were on their phones or arguing with each other. Although it’s thought that teenagers will always be the ones who cause the disruption, anyone can be the cause of a disturbance no…show more content…
In Source 1, it was said that teenagers are the cause of “endless cellphone conversations, loud music, [and] messy tables,” in restaurants, most likely because adults and the owner of Munchy’s, Joseph Jones, believe that teenagers do not care about how their actions affect others - whether it’s in a restaurant or in another public area. Yet, adults can also be the cause of disruptions in public areas. This stereotype does not prove that every teenager will goof around in public and disturb others, nor does it prove that adults are always sophisticated and mature in public. Stereotypes don’t affect everyone in a specific group of
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