Joseph Priestly: The Creation Of Oxygen

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Once upon a time in a land far-far away there lived an element named oxygen. He has an interesting name which comes from the greek words oxy and genes, which means acid former. Two other men discovered oxygen before Joseph Priestly. One man was named Cornelius Drebbel. He was the first to discover it in 1608 but failed to recognize the gas as oxygen. Two years before Priestly published oxygen Carl Scheele discovered it but also failed to publish oxygen. Oxygen was published in 1774 by a man named Joseph Priestly, so he was credited with the discovery. He was trying to find out why stuff burned. In order for stuff to burn it needed oxygen. Oxygen is an important element because he sustains life. He in obtained from liquid air.
If you want to find oxygen today look on the top, right, corner of the periodic table. He is element number eight. You could also find oxygen by taking a deep breath in; one of the elements filling your lungs is oxygen. He made a significant sacrifice to keep us alive and that is where our story starts.
We were walking around one day and saw a weak old man laying down on the side of the road. Us being the nice people we were, went up to him to offer him help. What he needed was more than what we had but he had something for us. It was a long tale of how the world needed an element to sustain life. If
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To enter we had to solve a perplexing riddle that i can not recall. Luckily oxygen was an amazing riddle solver. Once we entered there was no going back. We traveled down a long haunting tunnel until we came to a huge chamber. We saw where we needed to go. Up the stairs there was a glowing tunnel. We started our approach but out of thin air we were surrounded by ghost from people before us trying to get to the tunnel. They were armed and ready to fight. So we drew our swords and began battle. It was the greatest fight in human history. One man and one element fight two hundred ghost in a life or death
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