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Who is Joseph Sado ? Joe as most call him, is a bigger built guy who most say is hard to approach. He is actually really sweet and caring like a big marshmallow you might say. He just turned thirty, and is working as a music producer, he helps his friends band Hi grade productions, make music videos and is in charge of the soundboard and recording of their songs. He lives in Kula with his mother, he has a recording studio in the downstairs portion of their house. When the band comes over he locks it up so they can 't hear the other noises while recording. My Uncle has been there for me my whole life like a second dad. Joe started college when he finished high school, he went into the culinary program. He attended MCC, or UHMC as they call it now, he said “it was close to home was in my price range and had a great culinary program.” He went to college and had a blast he bought all the things he needed for culinary class, he spent hundreds, he bought knives and the pants the shoes the hat and the chef jacket. He did all four years and got his bachelor 's degree, the career worked out good for him. He was a head chef at a restaurant in haliimaile for about five years, he was happy with that until he realized what he actually wanted to do as a career, Music. Joe went back to college to get his bachelor 's degree in music arts. He…show more content…
He got himself a top of the line soundboard and microphones and speakers and everything you could think of he has it. Joe 's friends skeptic is a rapper and has a band so the come up to joe 's house to record songs and to get help editing the audio and music videos. Their band is called HI-grade productions and JOe is the manger he puts everything out there on the market like their cds and albums, “All of HI-grade productions belongs to me and skeptic.” said Joe. Joseph Sado is the hard working music producer of the local band HI-grade

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