Joseph Stalin And The Cold War Analysis

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Joseph Stalins policies on the brink of the Cold War were primarily motivated by Communist ideology and the search for security and influence, but its equally as important to understand the threat the United States posed to Stalin and the Soviets. In analyzing the motivations of Stalin and the Soviets its important to understand the events leading up to the Cold War and two “spheres of influence” that controlled world power at this time and would eventually lead to conflict. In analyzing Stalins policies in Eastern and Central Europe from 1944 to 1953 I will focus on three main areas in addressing this question: First, the two spheres of influence and how they came to power. Second, highlight communist ideologies that motivated Stalin in gaining world supremacy. And, third the defense of the Soviet Union and how they simply were protecting themselves through security and influence.
The United States and the Soviet Union following World War II gained World power in two vastly different ways. The United States through capitalism gained economic strength which separated them from most of the countries across the globe. The two major developments at this time which added to the growth of the United States as a World power was: first, the science and technological sources towards the military. Besides from the development of the atomic bomb, the United States had superior weaponry and strategy at this time. The second, was the rise in air power which was in large part due to the

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