Joseph Stalin Research Paper

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Joseph Stalins policies on the brink of the Cold War were primarily motivated by Communist ideology and the search for security and influence, but its equally as important to understand the threat the United States posed to Stalin and the Soviets. In analyzing the motivations of Stalin and the Soviets its important to understand the events leading up to the Cold War and two “spheres of influence” that controlled world power at this time and would eventually lead to conflict. In analyzing Stalins policies in Eastern and Central Europe from 1944 to 1953 I will focus on three main areas in addressing this question: First, the two spheres of influence and how they came to power. Second, highlight communist ideologies that motivated Stalin in gaining…show more content…
The United States through capitalism gained economic strength which separated them from most of the countries across the globe. The two major developments at this time which added to the growth of the United States as a World power was: first, the science and technological sources towards the military. Besides from the development of the atomic bomb, the United States had superior weaponry and strategy at this time. The second, was the rise in air power which was in large part due to the Strategic Air Command (SAC), which still to this day remains a crucial part of the success of the United States military. Additionally, World War II aided the U.S. economy and allowed for the United States to raise its GDP significantly and supply people effected by the depression with jobs. Overall, War helped a resurgence in the United States economy which benefited from technological advancement to gain world supremacy. The rise in power for the Soviets was much different. Soviet power stemmed from the negative outcomes of World War II for three main powers: Italy, Japan, and Germany. These three powers were essentially eliminated from any threat opposed to the Soviets at this time. Additionally, many of the central and eastern european nations, such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and part of Austria were under physical control by the Soviets which added to their authority in…show more content…
People point to the fact that Stalin was paranoid which caused him to overreact and step out of boundaries which initiated the war but there is no evidence of him being paranoid. Some may make the argument that he was crazy and had committed violent crimes but this is much different then being paranoid. Additionally, people forget the effect of the atomic bomb and how this easily could have worried the Soviets and warranted them to protect their land and its people. Also, the Soviets only reacted to the United States when they intervened in Eastern Europe by consolidating their position in their current region. People also don 't address the fact that the Soviet pulled back in other regions to avoid national confrontation with the U.S. . The United States post-war goal of sustaining and reforming world capitalism so that American business and trade is also a talking point when addressing possible influences that motivated the Russians.
In the analysis of these three areas it can be easily concluded that primarily motivation by Stalin was driven by Communist ideology, but its equally as important to understand the threat the United States posed to Stalin and the Soviets which forced them into security and protection. Finally, I would say that the Cold War was inevitable and was always going to happen which is why the blame shouldn 't be placed on one single country
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