Joseph Stalin: Are People A Good Or Evil?

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America and other countries have experienced many things and have lived through many harsh time, and I had to choose if people are considered evil or good. I believe that all people and humanity is evil, and there are many event to help prove this, but there are is a few interesting topic that I have selected to prove my belief. Joseph Stalin is a topic I selected, along with the sad event known as 9/11, I have facts and reasons as to why these are the ones I have chosen.
The first reason as to why I think people are evil is the Soviet Union's former leader and dictator, Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin ruled
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Stalin, the dictator of Soviet Russia, was a killer. He was said to have killed about 60 million, some not by his hand directly, but by his orders. Stalin was obsessed with his power and would eliminate all who would oppose this power. He would eliminate those who oppose him by either exiling them or executing them. He would even burn his own villages just to instill fear in the peasantries and to discourage criminals from stealing food shipments. After he took control he did massive purging of the followers and loyal officers of Lenin, and these purges involved more deaths and exiling. His death count was higher than Hitler’s and then all he ruined lives of those who were exiled or the families of the ones who died. Although some people can argue that Stalin did some good things, such as help the Allied forces defeat the Axis powers during WWII. When he helped the Allied forces, Hitler’s army was beginning to invade Russia and Stalin had the Russian army push back the invading forces all the way back to Berlin. When he had Hitler’s army at Berlin Germany, America, Britain, and the other Allies, defeated the Nazis and won the
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