Joseph Stalin's Great Genocide

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A genocide is a deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a specific ethnic group or nation. One such genocide was carried out under the rule of Joseph Stalin. These genocides have been referred to as the Great Terror or the Great Purge. According to Laura Hill, a historical author, this specific genocide took place throughout the 1930s as the United States was in a process of recovering from the Great Depression. Stalin suspected that there were people who had power over him, which he did not approve of (C N Trueman). Stalin knew that he had to try and prevent people from taking control, so he figured that killing everyone would be his best option. Joseph Stalin even said, “Death is the solution to all problems. No man- no problem.” After examining Joseph Stalin 's rule in Russia, it is clear that his background of upbringing, specific targeting on certain groups of…show more content…
He participated in Allied conferences and was a very strategic planner. Joseph Stalin ignited “one of the greatest political repression campaigns in the history of the Soviet Union,” (Budanovic, Nikola). However, Stalin ordered the KKVD to mass murder political prisoners (Budanovic, Nikola). This caused much controversy for many people all over the world. He was very troubled throughout his life, and some experts believe this is a direct result of living in a broken home. In conclusion, Joseph Stalin 's Great Purges was one of the greatest genocides to ever occur in history. Joseph Stalin killed millions of people, mainly because they disagreed with his ideas for the Soviet Union. After examining Stalin 's purges, it was clear that the Great Terror had a major political impact, affected the lives of millions and the background of his upbringing was crucial in the study of this genocide. People should learn from this terrible event, so it never happens again because our world could not overcome something so horrific ever
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